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" Mike & his staff were always very friendly and helpful.  Mike spent a lot of time getting the truck ready for us and did all the work getting
us good financing.  Mike always goes above & beyond to help you get the best deal."  (Sharyn & Kevin Miller  12/11/2014)

"Let me know when you want to go out for Dinner!  Why do you have to be that GOOD!"  (Robert Melnyk  11/18/14)

"We read other reviews on your website and my dilemma is this - How do I convey your great qualities without duplicating all of the web
comments that continually use the words "honest" & "trustworthy".  To simply parrot these words is an understatement.  So I will say
 In this day and age of "hustle and bustle", "every man for himself", "me first", "I want mine" and "I don't care who I use to get it" your
dealership is an outright rarity.  You have brought back the days of yesteryear when a man's word was his bond, service and satisfaction
were #1 priorities and customers were valued, not for money, but for the opportunity to be served.
We worked our deal for the car in short order.  Several items were agreed upon & we left.  We had the car checked out (it was fine), You
folks did your thing and we picked it up.  Everything we agreed upon was done, despite no written contract.
Despite being first time buyers we cannot think of any other business we know that gives us the good feeling you do.  There is
something to be said for Old Fashioned Values, ethics & service.  You fully embody these characteristics.  I believe this is who
you are
not what you have trained yourself to pretend to be.
We are grateful for the deer that gave his life & totaled our car so that we could meet you & your staff and utilize your dealership.  We will
be repeat customers."  (Marcella & Debra Nichols11/7/2014)

"I have always wanted a PT Cruiser from the time they were made."  William Shutter (10/27/20140

"We know the vehicle will be as advertised, that care is taken in choosing the car/SUV to sell.  Prefer to buy my cars from you!"  (8/6/2014)

"I liked the little sales pressure.  I liked the honesty I experience from Northern State Auto."  (7/15/2014)

"MPG, style, able to arrange financing, good deal." Donald & Sandra Brant  (7/3/2014)