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 Northern State Auto, Inc. Shall not, nor will not give, share, sell, discuss, or
provide any personal information given/provided by a potential customer for the
use on an application for credit (loan application).  Such information will only be
forwarded to potential lending institution(s) for their use in evaluation of the loan
application.  We may at our discretion file the original document(s) in a locked
secure file and/or create a digital copy for our records with the information being
placed on a secured passworded computer system with no public access
what-so-ever.  Aged/expires documents and records will eventually be completely
Should we be successful at securing financing (a loan) to/for you, we will make
every attempt provided to us to contact you on a timely basis  ie. A.S.A.P.  If we
are unsuccessful to arrange financing, conventional or otherwise, we may not
contact you regarding the outcome.  Reason being we run numerous credit
applications on a daily basis, sometimes it becomes difficult for us to repeatedly
attempt to contact everyone who we are unable to arrange credit for.  So
News Is Bad News
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