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Northern State Auto, Inc. was incorporated on April 4, 1986.  Offering 30 years of continuous sales and service.  Our goal is customer
 After 30 years we have earned some bragging rights.  Quite a few others can not, nor will possibly ever duplicate.

In the 30 years there has not been a
single complaint filed against us with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles resulting in an
adjustment to any one of our customers.  This is unusual and unheard of within the used car industry.

We have faced no lawsuits, nor have any complaints been filed in a Court of Law against our establishment resulting in a Court Ordered
Settlement with a customer in 30 years.  

No complaints to the New York State Attorney General's Office resulting in any sort of levy or adjustment against Northern State Auto; for
vehicles, advertising practices, warranty situations or other --  30 years.

No complaints filed with the Federal Trade Commission  --  30 years.

N.H.T.S.A.  --  0 complaints.

This record is unusual for the car industry  --  read on.

30 more years of this?  We sure hope and strive to do so!!!

Totally satisfied customers?  No, not 100%.  
But close (you can't please everyone)  Are we perfect?  No, however we try to be perfect.   
Compare us to others -- Do we try to take advantage of you?  When we see you in 6 months, we want to talk about anything but the "bad" car
we sold you, because there won't be a "bad" car from us.  We do things differently than most dealers --  we treat you as we would like to be
treated and provide you with the best all around --  DEAL  --  VEHICLE  --  SERVICE, etc. as can be found anywhere and then some.  We do not
worship the dollar sign ($$) as all eternal and #1 as some of the larger and other dealers do.  We worship
YOU our customers of course.  We
have to make a living and a profit and it costs money to produce a superior product, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  You, Mr & Mrs
Customer, are our priority.  We'll never stop trying.  This is a difficult business. Finally a bold challenge.  Ask anyone who has dealt with us
about their experiences -- we bet you will receive positive
feedback.  How many car dealers can achieve that?  NOT MANY!!