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Vehicles with this logo have gone through a certification process consisting of the following:

*  The vehicle has been examined and been processed through an 114 item extensive checklist/check-over process.
*  The vehicle has been test driven over various type of terrain/conditions (ie. hills, highway, city, hot, cold, etc.).
*  The vehicle comes to you with a warranty as per New York State
Lemon   Law minimum requirement and possibly beyond.
*  The vehicle will qualify (vehicles under 200,000 miles) for an optional extra cost extended warranty.  Any irregularities should
  be noted in the content of the brochure provided at the time of purchase.
*  We service not only what we deem necessary on our vehicles, but also items we feel to be a potential problem in the future.  
  As feasibly as possible.
*  "We provide more than others do - consider that fact.

Our goal is to provide you  - our valued customer - with a better, reliable, more problem free vehicle than can be found elsewhere.
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Please note:  Vehicles over 100000 miles or older than ten (10) years - Most all of these vehicles
also have undergone our 114 item process procedure and check over etc.