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 It has been in our past experience these such services are not always reliable or accurate... it
seems also these services produce and provide scare tactics to direct you - the customer - away
from purchasing a pre-owned used vehicle to a manufacturer’s
NEW product at a substantially
higher additional cost of course.  Example:  According to CARFAX, nearly every pre-owned
vehicle has some sort of issue or concern, legitimate or non-legitimate, accurate, erroneous, or
otherwise.  These pre-owned reports are often not always totally accurate.  Furthermore, you are
purchasing a vehicle from us - not CARFAX or otherwise.  If a the vehicle is a lemon there are
laws in place to protect the consumer, ie., NYS Lemon Law - not withstanding our history at
Northern State Auto, Inc.  of customer satisfaction, loyalty to our customers and honesty, etc.  We
at Northern State Auto, Inc. do not put much faith in these services or reports.  A pre-owned
vehicle is just what it is - a pre-owned - used- vehicle.  Unless the vehicle has never been driven -
something is going to show up on these reports.  Just what that something is and it’s accuracy
and significance and/or importance remains the question(s).  Additionally, try to correct an
erroneous entry on one of these vehicle information reports.  The procedure to do so is nearly
impossible all because of the difficult policies utilized by these companies.  We have had
bad past experiences.  Consider if the vehicle does not function or provide service or do what it
is supposed to do or intended to do - that is another matter.  We place our reputation on/with
each vehicle we sell.  We stand behind our products.  We are not advising you to totally disregard
these services/reports.  However, in our opinion, such services are in place to primarily make
money ie., if not for the report provider or to the X amount of consumers who do not buy pre-
owned and are scared into purchasing NEW, a nice revenue for the new vehicle manufacturers.  
Additionally, you can get a lemon for a new car :   ANY purchase carries risk.  We here at
Northern State Auto work very hard and long to lessen or eliminate this risk on pre-owned
vehicles with our procedures and products.  Ask anyone who has purchased from us.  Better yet,
view our Customer Opinion Survey and Customer Comments on our website.  Then you decide!