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Northern State Auto, Inc. offers extended warranties from several major well known reputable
national warranty companies.  Our coverages offered are exactly the same coverages as the
larger dealers offer -- with one huge exception.  

We offer our warranties generally for a lesser cost than the warranties offered at a larger
dealer.  This is possible because most warranty companies allow a dealer to sell you a warranty
without any price cap  --  so if you are willing, and not careful you could pay $1000 more
elsewhere -- this $1000 equals additional profit to the dealer -- this is what can happen.  It's your
money lost and a big gain for the dealer.

Warranties -- as with everything else you may purchase; you should be careful -- you should
compare specific coverages, components covered, time allowances -- in other words read the
fine print. We usually can beat or at very least meet most any deal you can find on an extended
warranty anyplace else.  

The companies we use have a proven track record for reliability and claim payment.  Most offer
roadside assistance, a great plus when you are traveling.  

We would be happy to explain the benefits and costs of warranties we offer.  Stop in, call or
email for details.